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eTitleSearch allows clients to search, and view/print images being published on eTitleSearch.

Signup Process (As easy as 1,2,3)

***Please read below regarding one-time searches.

1.) County Selection
What county(s) would you like to access. To view what counties are available on eTitleSearch, CLICK HERE to view available counties.

2.) Email our Account Manager
Contact our eTitleSearch account manager at Be sure to include the county(s) you would like pricing information in the main text area. Our account manager will contact you with the current pricing plans & Signup form. Use this information to select the plan that is best for you.  

3.) Complete the Signup Form
Complete the Signup form and email back us at The information from the signup form will be used to complete the signup process. You will be emailed when the account setup is complete, and additional information for first time users on eTitleSearch.

Fee Schedule Information
Most (but not all) published databases have two types of access. The first is our "Simple Click Charge" account. This account allows clients to pay on a per transaction. This account is good for people that may only use eTitleSearch a few times a month. The second access is selecting one of our "Monthly Subscriptions" With monthly subscriptions, clients that are going to perform many searches in a month should use this type of account. Note that the "Monthly Subscription" accounts are by calendar month. So, if you are signing up late in the month, you may want to signup using the "Simple Click Charge" account for the first month, then email our account manager and change your account to one of the "Monthly Subscriptions". Please contact our account manager for additional information at

***We're looking to build long-term relationships between our customers and our publishers. As such, we are unable to provide accounts for "one-time" searches or specific searches or documents for a fee. We kindly request that if you have a specific one-off request to contact the county recorder's office or the publisher directly. You can find publisher contact information on our Available Counties page under the General Information link for each published county.


Credit Card Processing
We process all transactions on the first business day of the month for the prior month's transactions. All accounts are billed additional sales tax if required by state, county or city. You will see one line item on your credit card per month, this item is listed as  "PropertyInfo". Credit Card transactions are processed around the 15th of each month.

Note: All transactions are logged into our customer database for billing. This also tracks not only the type of search that was performed, but detailed information about each transaction. Only transactions that complete to your computer are tracked in our customer database. So, if the search does not complete, or the image does not download, eTitleSearch will not track that transaction.
Any exact duplicate transaction in the same calendar month are only billed once per month. Any search that does not return to your computer, or returns zero items, or only returns one item is not billed to your account.


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